Hi everyone! My name is Dannie and I am the creator and owner of Eloise & Skiles. If you had told me two years ago that I would own a children's boutique, I would have said you were crazy! I have been involved in retail and fashion throughout my life and always dreamed of opening my own boutique. It wasn't until my nephew Lehman was born that I realized how few options there were and how much passion I have for baby and children's clothing……and thus Eloise & Skiles was born.

My goal is to offer chic and creative, yet practical options that you can’t find elsewhere. I carefully source all of my items from small European and American designers in limited batches. It’s been so much fun. My inspiration is to share my own personality and tastes through my clothing.

My greatest hope is that Eloise and Skiles bring you and your little ones as much joy as it does for me and my family.

We are standing by and ready.

Happy shopping!!